Our Culture

We are proud of the culture that exists at Accounted4. We put our people first; they are just as important as our clients and we encourage them to be themselves and to be the best they can be.

The Accounted4 culture is anchored in our mission statement and our team values of Authenticity, Excellence, Innovation, Energy and Solidarity.

Our integrity and policy of open and honest communication, builds trust and collaboration, while our flexibility and diversity creates a culture in which people share knowledge freely, bringing out the very best in each other and providing opportunities for the future.

This is us!

Accounted4 Limited - accounting in Cambridge for over 65 years! 

Based in the vibrant town of Cambridge, New Zealand, we are a well respected Chartered Accountancy Practice who has provided accountancy services and business assistance to the local business and farming community, as well as our globally based clients, for over 65 years.

As an example of our community engagement, we are proud to be a Strategic Partner of the Cambridge Business Chamber, as well as the inaugural sponsor of the Cambridge Chamber Young Professionals Group

Our 30 strong team, including 12 chartered accountants, have many years of knowledge and experience in the accounting profession with a strong focus on acting ethically, with integrity and in accordance with the Chartered Accountants Australia NZ (CAANZ) Code of Ethics.

Above all we will listen to you and use our expertise to help you to achieve the results and lifestyle you desire. Please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation on how we can assist you.

A4 Turned 5!

On the 23rd April 2018 Accounted4 celebrated its fifth year as A4, after re-branding from Shannon Wrigley & Co Ltd back in 2013.

We are proud of the history that sits behind us and look forward to the many changes that continue to take place in our Industry. Accounted4 continues to be a leader in the Waikato and beyond as well as being at the forefront of technology within the accounting Industry.



Cambridge Business Chamber Touchstone Partner.

Waipa Networks Business Awards Partner

Community - Proud to support locals

We pride ourselves on being involved in the community through participation in local events and having a focus on regular sponsorship of Cambridge community, family and sporting organisations such as;

  • Cambridge Business Chamber
  • Waipa Business Awards
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Cambridge Lifeskills
  • Cambridge Netball
  • Cambridge Racquets Club
  • Cambridge Junior Athletics
  • Cambridge Creative Fibre
  • Cambridge Sheltered Workshop

We also provide sponsorship to Cambridge High School for their annual Prizegiving and donate funds every Christmas to the Cambridge Salvation Army for less fortunate families. As a team we donate our casual day funds to organisations such as:

  • Make a Wish
  • Hospice
  • Cancer Society
  • Christchurch Earthquake Appeal
  • Friends of Westpac Rescue Helicopter
  • Pink Ribbon Day
  • Blue September
  • Daffodil Day
  • Sanctuary Mountain
  • Wig Wednesday
  • Special Children's Christmas Party

Awards & Certifications

Approved Training Organisation 

Accounted4 is an ATO certified (Approved Training Organisation). Our practice is approved by Chartered Accountants Australia NZ (CAANZ) as capable of offering the type of work experience that fulfils the practical experience requirements for admission to the College of Chartered Accountants or College of Associate Chartered Accountants.

The ATO system ensures that practical experience is planned, supervised, relevant, and gained in a quality environment with high ethical and professional standards. As an ATO, our function is to provide an environment in which a trainee can develop the necessary skills and attributes to become a Chartered Accountant or Associate Chartered Accountant.

CAANZ Registered Mentors

Several of our Director's and Associates are registered mentors with Chartered Accountants Australia NZ. Registered mentors play a significant role in training and developing candidates seeking admission to the Institute. Mentors must be experienced members of the accounting profession who possess the required knowledge, skills and professionalism to undertake a mentoring role.
The goal is to help the trainee work more effectively and with greater competence and confidence. Mentors verify that a trainee has gained the required practical experience for admission.


In 2013 the Directors believed that after more than 55 years successfully operating as Shannon Wrigley and Co, the time was right to refresh and revitalise the company name. The decision evolved from many discussions regarding continuity of the strong core values the business has always upheld, the direction of the business into the future, and the desire for a generic name.

A contributing driver for the future direction of the business are our newly developed Client Service Plans. These have been setup to support rural and commercial businesses with a more personalised service for on-going support as well as more transparency in pricing to allow for easier budgeting.
As a team, we also felt that we needed a name that would lend itself to be perceived as the innovative forward thinking, friendly company, which we are!

Therefore, we have changed our name to ‘accounted4’, with the tagline ‘It’s not just about the numbers’. The new company name and tagline represents:

The service we provide is not just about the numbers, everything is taken into account and accounted for – your business and your life

  • We will support you with a personal integrated accounting and financial advisory service that takes everything into account, to enable you to make the best business and life decisions
  • When new clients come on board, they will be assisted by the Business Manager who will discuss and understand their requirements and put them in partnership with the right accountant or advisor who’ll match their needs, to ensure their interests are accounted for
  • The Client Service Plans allow clients to set their accounting budget easily and accurately so that it is accounted for in their cashflow
  • The regular contact required with the Client Service Plans ensures support is provided on an on-going basis and all tasks are continually accounted for with a proactive approach

You will notice the following key elements with our fresh new Company Name, Tagline and Brand Identity:

  • Stationery
  • Building signage
  • Website
  • Team Uniform

We chose the colour green as our primary brand colour to reflect:

  • The history of Shannon Wrigley and Co as the main colour of its brand identity was green
  • Rural community location
  • Health and growth of our business and people, and the businesses and people we work with
  • The recognition of being a registered ‘Chartered Accountant’ as the same green is used in their brand identity
  • Peaceful environment that allows clear decisions to be made
  • The complimentary colour grey, reflects ‘balance’, which contributes to everything being accounted for


In the beginning

Jack Shannon came up from Ashburton to purchase Ted Littler's practice in late 1955. At that time Cambridge had approx. 5,000 residents and many small farm holdings of 50-150 acres. Cambridge Dairy Co, Bruntwood Dairy Co and NZ Dairy Co (at Pukekura) were all established manufacturing Dairy Companies. Accounting practices were a recent phenomenon in Cambridge in the fifties. Most businesses' accounting needs were serviced from Hamilton. Those who provided accounting services at that time were: Ted Littler, Carl Duignan, Roy Lorigan, Ken Allan, Brian Heaslip and Tom Hampshire.

Carl Duignan had taken over the oldest secretarial practice in Cambridge from Edgar James who did work for Drainage Boards, Federated Farmers, some farming and business returns. Ted Littler had employed Brian Heaslip who then started his own practice. John Ryan arrived on 1st July 1955 to join Duignan and Butts. Tom Hampshire was a delightful Englishman, Major Thomas Hampshire DFC ex Royal Flying Corp.

The legal profession was represented by Lewis and Jecks, Lundon and Pollock, Garrard and Kingsford (later Garrard and Osmond), Jack Clemow and Phil McDiarmid. Four Banks were in business although ANZ and National Bank were new to Cambridge. The Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) and Bank of New Zealand dated back to the very early years of Cambridge.

John Ryan remembers Jack as an outgoing person whose shrewdness gave “added value" to clients, particularly in the contracting field. He was very involved in the professional life of Cambridge and formed close relationships with other professionals.

Arthur Baker, Norm Todd, and Jim Ross were close Contracting clients. Jim Wallace (JD) also enjoyed Jack's personality as a client. JD was a director of Farming and Fellmongery Industries. This group of friends provided a large part of Jack's work in the early years of the practice.
(Thanks to John Ryan for the above recollections).

Time moves on

As his practice grew Jack Shannon took on a partner, Bruce Fleming, until 1963 when Bruce left and Graham Wrigley joined Jack to form
Shannon and Wrigley. Richard Edge and John Boone (who had worked in the
practice since leaving school) became partners in 1973 and 1975 respectively.
John Landers joined the practice in 1976 and became a partner in 1982. Grant
Calvert joined in 1984 and became a partner in 1990, at the time that Graham Wrigley was retiring. Martyn Steffert joined the firm in 2004, promoted to Associate
in 2006, and became a Director in 2007.

In 2012 Richard Edge stepped down into a consultancy role as he phases
into retirement. Forty-seven years after he joined the firm, John Boone also
began his path to retirement in 2014 and remains with the firm in a consultancy
position. Also in 2014, David Faville,
who had been an Associate, became the youngest Director setting the practice with four Directors. In April 2015, John Landers began his path to retirement but will remain with the firm on a consultancy basis. Kim Antonio became an Associate of the firm on 1 April 2015 and Geoff Hurst an Associate on 1 April 2019.

Accounted4 now has three Directors; Grant Calvert, Martyn Steffert and David Faville.

Setting the location

Jack Shannon started in a now demolished building next to the old Tudor Movie Theatre (now entrance mall to Prince Albert Tavern). About 1956 Jack moved to the Triangle Building above the Framery in Victoria Street. In 1969 the practice moved to a new building in Duke Street (next to the Fire Station). By 1985 the practice had again grown to the extent that a new building was required. Cambridge did not offer buildings of a suitable size to rent. A Lockwood building was constructed on the corner of Duke Street and Hally’s Lane which is the practices present location, albiet with substantial renovations.

Tools of the job

It was shortly after the relocation in 1985 that Hartley Computers became available to accounting practices. (Those were still the days before personal computers.) The computers were installed in one room and clients work was coded and prepared for input into the computers. Subsequent to that, personal computers became available and this was followed by Banklink software all of which enabled Team Members to process Client Accounts to Partner review stage from their own desk.

Valuable team members

Over the years the Practice has been fortunate to have had the services of wonderful people. This has enabled the practice to grow and develop. Many fun times have been enjoyed and the Partners and Teams have always supported each other.

The future

The Profession is continuing to change and develop. International Accounting Standards are now becoming accepted. The proportion of female graduates has been steadily increasing. The business sector is relying more on the services provided by Chartered Accountants with the high standard of Ethics required. The tools of the job continue to develop rapidly, including Cloud Computing technology such as XERO. The “global village” via internet is changing the way things are done.

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