Featured Partner - Cashmanager Rural

CRS Software Ltd has been developing farm management software for farmers since 1981. Its flagship product is Cashmanager RURAL - financial software that helps farmers plan. It is much more than just GST or accounting software and is used enthusiastically by thousands of farmers and rural professionals because of its unique ability to help with farm management. Cashmanager RURAL helps farmers plan farming activities, see the financial implications and then monitor results, without losing sight of the big picture. It is a cloud based solution designed to successfully operate on rural broadband.

The company’s sole focus is the farming market and because of this, the products meet the needs of typical farmers, with great effort made to ensure the software uses simple language and is easy to use. CRS Software Ltd believe that almost every farmer can use its software and will quickly discover that by working smarter in the office, farmers can achieve much more out in the paddock.


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