Featured Client - RimuHosting

"Cambridge is a great place to launch an international business," enthuses Peter Bryant, founder of RimuHosting a Cambridge-based Internet hosting services company. From their offices overlooking downtown Cambridge the RimuHosting sysadmins manage servers in data centers dotted around the globe.  The business was founded a decade ago and grew swiftly as more and more businesses started using RimuHosting-provided servers to launch their startup ideas or to provide a web presence for their small business. "Getting your business up on the web has never been easier, nor more important," says Bryant. 

Bryant's advice to local businesses: "Use the Internet to promote your business.  Get on Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor to interact with your customers publicly.  Buy a domain.  Host a website that describes your business.  And post useful information related to your industry so you will be found on searches.  Get an email address with your own domain so you look professional and not tied to gmail or your ISP.  Note that a simple website is better than no website.  Once you have something simple, we work with some great local web designers who can get you to the next level.“

To kickstart your web presence visit http://ri.mu or email support@rimuhosting.com   for free advice on how to get started.  If ordering, mention the 'Accounted4 free Wordpress install' offer.


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