Useful Information

You must have a resident director

Commencing from 1 July 2015 (or earlier if the Governor General decides) New Zealand registered companies must have at least one resident director either here or in an “enforcement country”. A list of these countries will be supplied. It is likely to include Australia, the UK and USA.

The date and place of birth for each director will need to be included on all future application forms to form a company and for existing companies on a date commencing as stated above

Mixed use assets - Repairs

If you go to your beach cottage and carry out repair work or maintenance on the property, the days count as private days.  The only time they count as business days are when the damage has been done by a tenant.

Reminder to Keep Dividend Statements

Just a friendly reminder to farmers about keeping any Dividend Statements and Shareholding Notices in their documents folder.   This information is needed by the accounting team at  GST time/annual accounts time.  If it has been misplaced, there may be additional costs involved in  retrieving this from Computer Share


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