Lobell Construction Ltd, Hamilton – Lue and Sharon Shaw

As one of our long standing clients for over 30 years, Lue and Sharon have been working with us since the days when they were the only staff in the business. From managing steady growth, they have now grown to a company of over 30 staff.

The support and advice Acounted4 provided them with, to prepare a budget analysis and setting goals in the early years to build the business up, allowed them to gain clarity to achieve their goals.

They say that we give great tax advice, are very approachable and easy to talk to about any issues they have, we’re very honest, and are grateful for our integrity after going through two IRD tax audits with no issues found. After being given great recommendations for accounting software, they believe this helped tremendously with the tax audits.

Lue and Sharon are now at the stage in their business where succession planning is underway. Their children know and trust us and have been brought in as shareholders to eventually take over the company. We meet with them annually to analyse the current figures and look at the future direction of the company.

They’ve said that they would never consider going anywhere else.


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