Farm4wd | Monthly Payment Plans

We have been listening to what farmers want from their accountant and we have developed a simple and effective solution with three Monthly Payment Plans appropriate to suit the stage of business you're in.

No more wondering what your accounting fee is going to be and what you are getting for your money

Whether you require basic monthly services to
'manage it', extra one-to-one support and communication to 'grow it', or a more intensive service with quarterly contact and constant monitoring to really 'exceed it', we have the solution for you.

Each of these plans gives you peace of mind, knowing that we are fully involved with your business and everything is accounted for. 

We will set your business up on Xero and Figured software, which will allow us to monitor your business closely and finalise your accounts promptly.

Your returns will be filed on time and you will never forget a tax payment with our tax management system. We will even make sure you are using the right livestock valuation method so that you are not paying more than you need to.

If you have more specific needs then we are happy to tailor one of our plans to suit your business.

  • Annual financial statements
  • Income tax returns
  • XERO accounting software (cashbook only)
  • GST returns
  • Tax management/reminders
  • Annual Meeting
  • Newsletters
  • Seminar invites

Most Popular

  • All 'manage it' services plus…
  • XERO and Figured Software
  • Bi-annual meetings
  • Bi-monthly management reports
  • Livestock tax option management
  • Phone & email support
  • All ‘growit’ services plus…
  • Setting & monitoring of budgets & cashflows
  • Monthly management reports
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Annual strategic planning
  • Setting & monitoring of KPIs

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