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Figured: The tool for today’s farmer

"Knowing in real time where my farm's financial and livestock numbers are is a great advantage. With Figured, I can be out on the land with confidence that the financial side of the business is under control."

 - John Richmond, Farmer

Figured was born out of a desire to farm smarter. Farmers understand that getting the right results requires having the right tools. That includes tools for managing your finances. Figured is the smarter and easier way to manage farm finances. A complete dairy, livestock, and crop, production tracking, budgeting, insights and forecasting cloud-based tool trusted by over 20,000 Kiwi farmers and their advisors.

With growing complexities in farming systems, regulations and economic pressures, the burden on the New Zealand farmer is far greater now than ever before. Thankfully, nine years ago two Kiwi farmers who are also accountants, frustrated by the lack of financial management tools on the market, created Figured.

A smarter way to work starts with smarter software

As a tool for today’s farmer, Figured has combined years of farming experience with accounting expertise and intuitive technology to create a world-class solution that meets the needs of modern farmers:

  • More time on the farm - with Figured, farm accounting tasks are streamlined, so you spend less time in the office, and more time in the field, doing what you love.

  • Decisions made easier with data - Figured allows farmers to see all of their financial and stock information in one place, meaning you can make informed decisions based on a holistic picture of your farm’s performance.

  • Focus on profit - with better financial insight for farmers and their advisors, you can better manage near and long-term profitability for the continued success of your farm.

  • Work with advisors online - farmers can connect and collaborate with your advisory team in one place where you can share and post questions and comments.

  • Get outstanding support - if you have any questions along the way, Figured’s friendly New Zealand-based Customer Success team is a click of a button away.

Figured works hand-in-hand with Xero

Figured’s production planning and farm budgeting tools work seamlessly with online accounting software, Xero, enabling farmers to plan ahead with confidence and easily re-forecast when conditions change. Because it’s all online, the whole farming team can collaborate using real-time financial information, wherever they’re working. Simply enter any purchases, sales updates or stock quantities into Figured, and an invoice is sent to Xero and automatically matches the payment when it appears in the farmer’s bank account.

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