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Contact our Cambridge Accountant Business Manager, Christine Stevenson direct on 07 827 5192 ext. 847.  She’ll discuss your requirements and put you in partnership with the right accountant or advisor to ensure your needs are accounted for.


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Accounted4 Blog

Capital Gains Tax changes - how will it affect you?

The coalition government’s tax working group has now delivered its final report on the future of tax in NZ, including a recommendation on a capital gains tax. The report recommends that capitalRead more

Invoicing - What should you include?

When you’re running a small business or working for yourself as a freelancer or contractor, getting paid will generally rely on sending an invoice. And because getting paid, and on time, is essentiRead more

How to retire happily

Death and taxes are the oft-quoted ‘certainties of life’, but with ageing populations in Australia and New Zealand, you could add ‘retirement’ to that list. You may be excited by the prospectRead more

When was the last time you checked in with your Kiwisaver?

With a set-and-forget service like KiwiSaver, it can be all too simple to choose a fund, and.... forget about it! But it’s really important to check in periodically and make sure that you’reRead more

Minimum wage going up to $17.70

The Government announced the minimum wage will increase to $17.70 an hour on 1 April 2019 – an increase of $1.20 per hour. This adds up to $708 for a 40-hour week. The starting-out and trainingRead more

Hold me accountable or else what?

Most business owners understand that the only way to ensure something gets done is to document what is expected, assign it to the right person, and set a due date. But what do you do if the taskRead more

Featured Partner

Figured is a platform which provides accountants, farm advisors, farmers and agri banks (the Farming Team) a single source of truth for making financial decisions. It uses cloud technology alongsideRead more

Featured Client

We have always had that kiwi can-do mentality despite being Brits. When we came on holiday here in 2004 we felt at home. Cut to four years later with two young teenage boys Jake and Harry, we decidedRead more

Payroll Team Update

IR Payday filing UPDATE Check out this link for full details on Payday filing. Many payroll software providers are yet to roll out Payday filing, so find out when your provider is expecting to goRead more

Get to Know - Genevra Scott

Genevra originally joined Accounted4 in 2014, and after a stint in sunny Central Otago she returned in November 2017. She has since worked her way up to become a Senior Accounting Manager, andRead more

In the Office

Last Month we said farewell to our Accounting Team member Craig Greene. We wish you all the best in your future ventures Craig.Read more

In the Community

As an alternative to client gifts this year we have made donations to the Salvation Army and the NZME Special Children's Christmas Party. Thank you to our wonderful clients who have allowed us to maRead more
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At accounted4, we take our responsibilities to help our clients reach their personal, lifestyle and business goals seriously.

To achieve this, we are a Cambridge accountant that offers accounting, tax, payroll and business advice to help our clients succeed in business and in life. 

By contacting us to manage your requirements, you can rest assured everything you require will be competently, promptly and affordably accounted for.


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