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Figured - a financial management solution for farmers where everything is Accounted4!

When it comes to farming, our Accounted4 farming team has extensive knowledge and experience - many of them with farming backgrounds of their own. Our agri clients have relied on and benefited from our advice for decades and Figured is a tool we can use to support them to farm smarter.

Farmers understand that getting the right results requires having the right tools, including tools for managing their finances. Together with Xero,  Figured's production planning and farm budgeting tools assist to provide online real-time financial information for our clients. 

Here at Accounted4 we are proud of our Figured Gold Partner status. It endorses our team value of Innovation - being proactive, progressive and staying ahead of the game.

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The smarter way to work starts with smarter software

More time on the farm

With Figured, farm accounting tasks are streamlined, so you’ll spend less time in the office, and more time in the field, doing what you love.

Decisions are easier with data

Figured allows you to see all of your financial and stock information in one place, meaning you can make informed decisions based on a holistic picture of your farm’s performance.

Plan for a more profitable future

With Figured we can easily model various scenarios to create multi-year plans for your farm. So you can see how decisions you make today can achieve a better outcome for your future.

Work with your advisors online

Figured is a collaborative platform, so you and the whole farming team are working with complete and up to date information, giving you better visibility of your farms financials.

4 Reasons to farm with Figured

Budgeting & forecasting

See overall profit and future cash available, and easily adapt as conditions change.

Production tracking

Easily track livestock movements, crop and milk production, as well as your operating expenses.

Auto-updates & feeds

With bank feeds, integration with other agri-data providers and mobile bank coding, what happens on the farm always matches what happens in your accounts.

Expert support

We’re here to help. As a Figured Gold Partner, we provide expert training to set you up for success. And Figured’s local customer support team is only a click of a button away in the app.

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