"Amazing communication, great advice and all round professional crew!"


Jamie Fisher becomes Accounted4’s fifth director on April 1.

Right from the start, Accounted4’s Jamie Fisher has taken an impressively measured approach to crafting his career.

Each decision made from the time he left university over a decade ago to his official appointment as the company’s fifth director, effective April 1, has been purposeful and confidence building.  Colleagues and clients are left in no doubt that Jamie is exactly where he wants to be, working to a  professional framework that started taking shape in high school.

Jamie’s early interest in accountancy was piqued at Tauranga Boys’ College.  He went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in accounting and commercial law.  He also completed a graduate diploma in professional accounting. When casting around for a job to fit his newly-minted qualifications it was the award-winning Cambridge firm, Accounted4, that caught his eye.

“It was clear from the start that they provided the opportunities in career development and professional development I was looking for.  I didn’t have a set timeframe, but straight away knew the firm would offer me the opportunities I wanted,” he says.  “I came in as an accounting team member in 2011 … it’s been everything I hoped for and more.”

Jamie completed his Chartered Accountancy qualifications in 2016, setting him on the trajectory he had anticipated.  In the same year, he became a senior accounting manager, and in 2021 was appointed associate.

While today’s readily-available technology has made the financial side of accounting services more accessible, it is regular face-to-face contact with his clients, both rural and commercial, and planning for the longer term that Jamie rates as being particularly important.  He enjoys getting to know their story, finding out where they want to take their business and working together to find solutions.

“That is something I find very rewarding … helping clients identify their goals then working alongside them to achieve that growth.  I feel I’ve hit the trifecta with Accounted4.  They’re a fantastic team, have a good working culture and have great clients.  I consider myself very lucky.”

The fact the Tauranga-born and educated accountant and his equine-focused partner Kim really like Cambridge as a town is simply the cream on the top. They’ve bought a house with a piece of land and settled in for the long haul.


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