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Payroll Update - Attention Farming Employers

Upcoming Public Holiday’s : Kings Birthday and Matariki

Kings Birthday Monday 5th June and Matariki Friday 14th July.


 ATTENTION: Farming Employers

  • Are my Employment Agreements up to date for all employees?



  • Are my New Employee forms current?  

Tax Deduction (IR330)


KiwiSaver (KS2)


  • Am I meeting the Minimum Wage Requirements?

  • Are you paying your employees for every hour worked in a pay period?  


 All employees MUST BE PAID AT LEAST THE MINIMUM WAGE OF $22.70 PER HOUR FOR ALL HOURS WORKED IN EACH PAY PERIOD. Wages cannot be averaged over a season.

  • ‘Top up’ Hours

If your employee exceeds their maximum hours in any pay period, they must be paid any extra hours at either the Minimum Wage $22.70 per hour or their usual hourly rate


-       Get the request in writing from your employee https://www.accounted4.co.nz/forms/

-       Tax it based on a lump sum basis https://www.ird.govt.nz/employing-staff/payday-filing/non-standard-filing-of-employment-information/lump-sum-payments

  • Are your employees’ Accommodation Allowances at Market Value?


  • Taxable Accommodation Allowances – EXEMPT from KiwiSaver calculations

Unless your employment agreements state otherwise, Taxable Accommodation Allowances are exempt from KiwiSaver Calculations. If this is the case for any new employee’s, and annually for existing employees, send a message via your myIR login to advise the value of an employee’s gross earnings that are NOT subject to KiwiSaver calculations to avoid getting IR mail stating you have under-calculated KiwiSaver amounts. Any questions, please call us.


  • Farming employees with Accommodation who are being paid by ACC

If your employee goes on ACC, ACC does not deduct and reimburse you for an employee’s accommodation.  We encourage you to discuss with your employee and suggest you ask them to reimburse you for their accommodation from their ACC payment.

  • Am I using Timesheets? This is a NOT NEGOTIABLE – get on board!



Payroll team at Accounted4

Anne Bland - Extension 831 - Email anne.b@accounted4.co.nz
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm

Carolyn Lawrence - Extension 837 - Email carolyn.l@accounted4.co.nz
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm        

Kate Crookston Extension - 825 - Email kate.c@accounted4.co.nz
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays 9am to 2.30pm


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