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Payroll Update

IR Kilometre Rate for business use of vehicles
Increased for 2023 Income Year

If you use these KM rates to reimburse employees, make sure you are using the current rates – two-tier rates start at 95c per kilometre.


Parental Leave
Parental Leave payment increase on 1 July 2023

On 1st July 2023, the maximum weekly rate of parental leave payments increased to Gross $712.17 per week BEFORE TAX (PAYE, Student Loan, Child Support or KiwiSaver payments).



Taking Annual Leave prior to the Government’s Paid Parental Leave

You can use annual leave before you go on parental leave.


Impact of parental leave on payment rate for annual leave

When an employee becomes entitled to annual leave during their parental leave and in the next 12 months after their return, the dollar value of this leave is paid at the employee’s average weekly earnings (AWE) and not the higher of AWE or Ordinary Weekly Pay meaning the value of leave taken maybe reduced significantly.


Keeping in touch days (KIT Days)

Refers to working from time to time to perform work or keep in touch with your employer:

-       Maximum of 64 hours of paid work for your employer during your parental leave payment period, and

-       This work is not within the first 28 days after your child was born.


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