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Frank Risk - Environmental Risks


Environmental & pollution liabilities present a growing concern to businesses as courts take a ‘polluter pays’ approach and evolving regulations increase responsibility.

With the increased awareness of environmental considerations, individuals and companies must comply with good environmental care practices in all their operations to meet regulations, avoid prosecution and maintain their reputation with customers and the public.

Regulators and courts increasingly seek to discourage negligent behaviour by imposing severe penalties on anyone that causes pollution.

The costs of non-compliance are significant if you get it wrong, and your actions or lack of care may lead to a breach of the Resource Management Act and strict prosecution in the Environment Court.

Insurance for Environmental Exposures

Insurance solutions for environmental exposures have emerged to respond to the increased risks. Environmental & Pollution Liability insurance provides a comprehensive solution that addresses a range of environmental risks often not covered by your General or Statutory Liability policies.

This policy covers your legal liability arising from bodily injury, property damage, and environmental damage caused by environmental incidents that may occur when providing services.

Importantly this insurance will cover emergency response expenses, clean-up costs, and business interruption to the operations required to contain and remediate the environmental contamination damage to waterways and/or land. 

For more information on the costs of insuring environmental exposures and the scope of cover available, contact Frank Risk Management at (07) 903 5000 or info@frankrisk.co.nz


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