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Featured Client - Phoenix Civil

Switching accountants can be a daunting process, but some businesses experience a major change that makes such a move necessary. Phoenix Civil, a civil engineering business with a reputation for exceptional skill and quality, found themselves in such circumstances when they relocated from Christchurch to Waikato and needed a local accountant. Because they had a decent relationship with their previous accountant, Phoenix Civil was nervous about the process of changing firms.

“When we relocated to Cambridge, on the North Island, it made sense to create a relationship with a local accountant that we could physically see and go and talk to,” Innis Anderson, Phoenix Civil’s general manager, says. “We asked around a few different people and Accounted4 was recommended to us.”

At an initial meeting, Innis indicated his nervousness about switching accountants. Having only had one accountant before and understanding the importance of accounting and meeting deadlines to a successful business, Innis knew it was important to find the right person for Phoenix Civil. He says he got a good feeling from talking to Geoff Hurst, a director at Accounted4.

“The whole transition process was seamless, with no issues. I was very impressed with how quickly Geoff understood our business – how it was being managed and how we operate. He picked it up quickly and also implemented some efficiencies that he could see straight away we should adopt.”

Phoenix Civil initially started with Geoff as their account manager and now also works with Larissa Gamble, a senior accounting manager. Among the services Accounted4 provides Phoenix Civil are:

  • Customised monthly reporting

  • GST

  • FBT

  • Cost reports

  • PAYE

Geoff and Larissa are also available to answer any questions Phoenix Civil has about their Xero-based accounting system. Accounted4 also ensures Innis is aware of any upcoming payments and due dates, and makes sure all administrative payments are properly set up.

“With A4, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s so easy. They are very efficient and communicate well with us about when any payments are due. They have a personal approach and they just deal with stuff so it’s not a problem for us. They go above and beyond to make the accounting side of the business really easy. It runs seamlessly so we can focus our resources, time and energy on doing what we do best, knowing everything is organised behind the scenes.”

On the whole, Innis says Accounted4 has taken a lot of stress off the accounting side of Phoenix Civil, and are highly responsive to any questions or issues that come up.

“You get the feeling that Accounted4 cares about your business. They are not just there to do a job. They’ve got an interest in your business and it’s almost like you’re talking to an employee not an accountant. They have a professional approach and a very personal touch. We were dreading the transition to a new accountant but it was a very positive experience changing to them. I highly recommend them.”


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