"Amazing communication, great advice and all round professional crew!"


Get to know Elayne

Elayne grew up in the Waikato born and raised on her parents dairy farm. Having a passion for the agriculture industry she completed her 4 year degree, Bachelor of Agriculture Commerce with Professional Accounting at Lincoln University (Christchurch) in 2018.

Elayne joined the A4 team in August 2022 as a junior-intermediate accountant. She has 4 weeks left of study towards her CA qualification and is looking forward to finishing before the Christmas break and adding CA to her qualification. 

Outside of work she lives a fit and healthy lifestyle. She enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, going for walks and also enjoys getting back on the farm and helping where she can.

She has just recently returned from an amazing trip to Europe with her partner Rory where they spent some time catching up with her family in the Netherlands. It had been 10 years since she last saw them all! Whilst they were over there they also visited the following countries including France (Paris), Italy (Milan, Rome, Naples and Sicily), Greece (Santorini and Paros), Ireland and the UK. They also stopped in Dubai for a couple of days on route to Europe where they experienced the heat, desert and culture. New Zealand is truly a beautiful country!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday!


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