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Moving to Direct Debit for Xero Business Edition Subscriptions

From 15 March 2024 we are moving to GoCardless Direct Debit for all Xero Business Edition subscriptions.

 Why the move to Direct Debit

Moving to GoCardless Direct Debit will take the pain away from our clients having to change Automatic Payments each time Xero adjust their fees, which is normally annually. 

By switching to Direct Debit the correct invoice amount will be debited from client's nominated bank accounts on the invoice due date (20th of the following month) avoiding us following up clients for underpayments and overpayments.

We feel Direct Debit is a much tidier and more efficient payment method for our Xero subscription management. 

 How to set up your GoCardless Direct Debit

 When you receive your Xero subscription invoice on 15 March it will have "Review and pay" in the header. Click on that box and follow the prompts to add your name or Company name and bank account details. This will set up a recurring Direct Debit payment that matches your monthly Xero invoice. On completion you will receive an email confirming the setup of your Direct Debit including an attached mandate.

  Anything else you need to know

  • After you have registered for this Direct Debit option please remember to cancel any Automatic Payments to us.

  • This Direct Debit option is only for Xero fees i.e. it is not for annual accounting, GST, Trust administration or payroll fees. 

  • You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time.

  • There are no Direct Debit fees payable by our clients for this payment option.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing accounts@accounted4.co.nz


 You can view the GoCardless privacy notice, via the link below https://gocardless.com/privacy/ gocardless.com/privacygocardless.com/privacy

NOTE: This is only for clients that are currently paying for their Xero Business Edition subscriptions monthly.


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