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In the office

Team Update

We recently fare-welled both Kirsty Johnson and Rachel Shannon who left the firm to pursue their accounting careers in other areas. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Senior Accounting Manager

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Accounting Manager to fill the role that Kirsty has vacated.

New Team Members

We are pleased to announce two new members in our accounting team;

  • Raewyn Price commenced on 12 November and will work mostly for Grant, John Landers and David.
  • Geoff Hurst CA will start in January 2014 and work mainly for Martyn and John Boone.

10 year anniversary

We recently celebrated Chris Knopp’s (Office Assistant) 10th year with us. A great achievement - well done Chris

Excerpt from Article on Sustainability published in Cambridge Chamber of Commerce News written by Lea de Rooy - Accounting team

When I was young it seemed that the concept of sustainability was a curiosity, existing only to entertain us in episodes of “The Good Life”, in illustrated books on subsistence living, and as a pastime cultivating our vegetable gardens and bottling plums. Back then, sustainability was a concept firmly imbedded in the realm of sandal-wearing hippies who grew pumpkins in a mix of cow manure and seaweed, and nodded wisely about Mother Earth while indulging in their hedonistic lifestyles.

In recent years it appears that the sustainability pendulum has swung a long way from this. Sustainability now has become a tired and clichéd term loosely used to include theories of climate change and practices of recycling. And in commerce, sustainability has become a specialty of the suit wearing, latte-drinking professional, espousing the best way to make an economic return from the future growth of trees, and offering advice on the financial impact of carbon taxes.

To me though, sustainability is not about either of these approaches. I don’t fully understand carbon emissions and I’m not particularly passionate about growing organic pumpkins. But I do care about enjoying a life in an environment where I feel valued and safe, and where I can enjoy what I do and know that tomorrow I can enjoy it also.


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