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Tips to automate your accounts in XERO

  • Utilise recurring invoices to automatically generate and send out repetitive invoices to clients.
  • Auto set the due date of invoices by typing +7 or +14 into the due date box rather than working out the date using the calendar.
  • Use the quantity section in ‘add details’ to bank reconciliation transactions to calculate percentages to split amounts e.g. using 0.50 for each entertainment / non-deductible entertainment line which saves getting out the calculator to work out the amounts
  • To open additional reports & tabs in Xero without navigating away from your current page hold the “ Ctrl” key down on your key board and click to navigate to where to want to go. This will open the information in a new tab.
  • Use the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh your Xero account following changes.
  • Create email templates to automatically produce emails when sending items from your Xero account. Check out how in the following link: http://vimeo.com/66612155


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