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Use email signature as a marketing tool

An email signature can be a useful marketing tool.A signaturecan automatically go on the end of every email you send. It should at the veryleast include your contact details, company name and your designation (i.e.sales manager). It can also include the companylogo and, if relevant, your website and social media addresses (Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn).

However, you can use the signatureto market yourself, your company and or a product/service by adding specialoffers (make sure you change it or delete it once the offer expires), topublicise any awards won (Plumber of the Year etc), atestimonial or even a recommendation for a partner business.

There’s plenty of information onthe internet about how to set up a signature in Outlook or in Mac Mail if youdon’t have one already. You can even set up different signatures for differentrecipients (i.e. sales or general).


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