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A Quick Overview of KiwiSaver for Business Owners

All new employees should be automatically enrolled for KiwiSaver if they are:
  • aged 18 or older, and under the age of 65 
  • living, or normally living, in NZ 
  • entitled to stay in NZ indefinitely (among others, this includes NZ and Australian passports holders and those with residence visas) 
  • an Australian or NZ citizen living in NZ.
An employee is not eligible to join KiwiSaver if they:
  • hold a temporary entry class visa 
  • have a limited-purpose visa, or 
  • are aged 65-years-old or older.  
The only time you are excused from enrolling a new and eligible employee into KiwiSaver is when:
  • you offer an approved alternative superannuation scheme, or 
  • you have been granted exempt employer status. 
When new and eligible employees start, you must do the following:
1. Give them the following forms: 
  • Your introduction to KiwiSaver – employee information (KS3) 
  • KiwiSaver deduction form (KS2) 
  • New employee opt-out request form (KS10).    
2. After the KS2 form is returned, you must:
  • Complete the KS1 form and send it to the IRD at the same time as your next PAYE Return (Employer Monthly Schedule/IR 348) or you can file it online through myIR 
  • Start deductions from the employee’s first pay.  Remember the 3% compulsory employer contributions and employer superannuation contribution tax (ESCT). 
  • If the employee opt outs and completes a KS10 form you do not make any deductions. Send their KS10 form to the IRD as per the KS1 form. 
If your employee is already a KiwiSaver member, start making deductions from their first pay at the greater of:
  • the rate they’ve nominated, or 
  • the minimum deduction rate of 3%. 
If an existing employee wants to join KiwiSaver you should:
  • Have them complete and return a KS2 form to you. 
  • Once you receive this KS2 form you then send the IRD a completed KS1 form with your next EMS (showing your employee’s details) or file it online through myIR 
Other important information for employers:
  • If an employee doesn’t advise you that they’re an existing KiwiSaver member, follow the new employee rules. 
  • Existing KiwiSaver members can’t opt out.  If you have a new or existing employee who is a KiwiSaver member, and they don’t want deductions from their pay, they must apply for a contributions holiday.  Start making deductions and paying compulsory employer contributions and ESCT until you get a copy of the employee’s contributions holiday letter
  • If the new employee is already a member, and is already on a contributions holiday, they still need to give you a completed KS2.  They must also give you a copy of their contributions holiday letter. 
For further information go to 
Payroll team
Anne Bland           Extn. 831
Carolyn Lawrence Extn. 837
Maree Craig         Extn. 825


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