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Featured Partner - People in Mind

Employing people comes with challenges, from the initial recruitment phase, through theinduction and development stage, and sometimes unfortunately the disciplinaryprocess. People in Mind is a little different from many HR companies. They’vestudied “people”. Employee behaviour is their specialty and, coupled withexpertise in employment practices, they are a very strong employer advocate.The team have all owned or still own a business and that makes a difference tothe way they approach client needs.

As abusiness specialising in human resources, People in Mind can work with you tohelp with:Employment relations– advice, disciplinary and performance management; Employment compliance;HR policy– development and implementation; Health and safety;Recruitment; Representation at mediation

People in Mind works only with theemployer, and although they may work alongside your employees in the process ofmanaging HR aspects, they do not represent employees in respect of employmentdisputes and grievances.Givethem a call today on 823 3250.


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