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Featured Partner - Allsew Embroidery & Graphics 2014

The new owners (Lynette and Amy Redmond) of Allsew Embroidery & Graphics 2014 bring fresh eyes and enthusiasm to the creation of branded team wear. The company's motto 'Your Image, Your Way' says it all. Allsew Embroidery & Graphics believe that by listening to customers and working with them to create their image is the way to maintain customer satisfaction. Exceeding customer expectations is also a goal.

The owners believe that one secret to a successful company is having good staff and valuing them. The highly skilled team at Allsew have a collective wealth of knowledge in embroidery and heat transfer with a critical eye for detail to maintain the high standard of work. Keeping up with technological changes has seen new equipment and software upgrades in the Art Department to enable more efficiency and generate growth of knowledge through training.

In a time where impersonal 'on-line' buying is 'king' , Allsew Embroidery & Graphics believe a face-to-face, hands on approach is a precious commodity. Creating a uniform for school, team or corporate needs is not an impersonal process. Branding is a public statement of who you are. To get your 'look' the way you want it, or some friendly advice to help you achieve it, call in and have a chat – 23A Empire Street, down the lane behind the Tiny Mighty office. Or phone us on 827 8912.


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