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The 80/20 principle applies widely

In 1906 Pareto, an Italian, noticed 80% of the wealth in his country was in the hands of 20% of the people. Others later noted the 80:20 rule applied widely. Thus 20% of something is always responsible for 80% of the results. Twenty percent of your stock will take up 80% of your shelf space or storage; 20% of your suppliers will provide 80% of your stock; 20% of your staff will cause 80% of your headaches.

Knowing this principle can help your business. If you know the 80% part, look for the vital 20% creating this 80%. Work on the 20%. As a manager, put 80% of your time into the important 20% of your work.

TECH TREAT - Delay that email and save embarrassment

How often have you just hit the email send button and realised you forgot an attachment or, worse still, sent it to the wrong person?

You can delay the sending of emails for a few minutes in Outlook Rules, so if you have second thoughts about the email, it can be deleted or amended. Here's how.

Go to Outlook Rules then select in this sequence:

Start from a Blank Rule
Apply Rule on Messages I send – Next
On this machine only – Next
Defer delivery by a number of minutes.
Then choose the number of minutes.


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