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Christmas is coming!

Wow – where did the year go??? It is that time of year again where December has come and with it, all the excitement of Christmas. But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Is it the gifts under the tree, rushing around like a mad chicken for last minute things, stockings hanging in the living room, planning huge feasts which result in belly-aches for the next couple of days, reuniting with long-lost family and friends? The special tradition that happens in your home will hopefully help create the perfect Christmas buzz.

However, Christmas can also be a time of stress. Thinking of loved ones, that for various reasons, are not able to come home. Perhaps the financial cost of all those presents can be a burden (those gifts from Santa can get expensive!) Please remember though that Christmas shouldn't be about the biggest toys resulting in the huge credit card debt, but about spending time with those we love. Sometimes it can be the simple things like spending time with people that are the most valuable presents of all (and sometimes, the most overlooked). Christmas time also gives you the opportunity to give from the heart and be thankful for family and friends.

Simple joys, little pleasures,
Laughter and smiles in big measures.
Friends, family, togetherness, love…
The choicest blessings from above.
Peace, prosperity and happiness too…
All these and more are our wishes for you!
Merry Christmas

Special thanks for the feedback

The team at Accounted4 would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the incredible response to our recent Client Survey. We had 126 responses and the lucky winner of the $100 supermarket voucher was Sharon Shaw from Lobell Construction Ltd. Congratulations Sharon! We will be evaluating all the feedback in the New Year and looking at a programme for client training/seminars. We love to hear feedback from our clients (the good and not-so-good) as it helps us improve our service so please, bring it on!

To all our fabulous clients, thank you for your support and we wish you a great Christmas and a successful 2015. From the team at Accounted4 Ltd.


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