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Useful information

IT Tech Tip

Sick of loosing your wallet or keys all the time? You can now locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android. Get yourself small bluetooth tags to put on everything you keep losing.

There are a couple on the market "The Tile", The Trackr" "Find'Em Tracking" and a few more, just attach them to everything you may misplace and they are now easily found when they go missing.

Use of Money Interest Rate Rises

On 8 May this year, use of money interest - the interest Inland Revenue charges on underpaid tax - rose from 8.40% to 9.21%.

The rate Inland Revenue pay on overpaid tax rose from 1.75% to 2.63%. Remember! If you have unpaid tax owing, this rise will drive up your costs further. Talk to us if you think this may affect you.

Companies and Partnerships

As the new residency and recording requirements have come in for companies and partnerships, if we don't already know the residency status of partners and company directors, we'll be contacting you soon about this. We'll also be asking you for details of date and place of birth for partners and company directors if we don't already have this information.


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