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Sensible seasonal housekeeping

  • If your business peaks during the holidays, have your marketing organised and plan your staffing. Is there a planned approach to when everyone is taking their holidays?
  • Have extra business cards or other marketing giveaways on hand - it's a great season for networking. Magnetic car signs can attract enquiries as well
  • Everyone is used to being cash strapped in the New Year but no one ever really prepares for it. Follow up with debtors to encourage payment before Christmas - help your cashflow off to a good start for the New Year
  • Speaking of cashflow - check what tax payments are coming up in January and make sure you're prepared.
  • Are you sending gifts to top clients? Splashing out on an event? What about presents or bonuses for your staff? Call us for a reminder about the rules around entertainment expenses and FBT
  • What needs to happen while you're at the beach? Is payroll all set up for the holiday period? It's worth it to do a double check on your calculations, especially if there are tricky elements in the mix such as holiday pay, schedular payments, on call payments or time and a half rates. Call us if you need a sanity check
  • Do you have something coming up where you'll need professional advice from us or your lawyer? Connect with your advisors before Christmas - most offices shut down for a minimum of two weeks and senior professionals can be away longer
  • Have you done a computer health check, updated your virus protection and backed up your server offsite or to the cloud?
  • If your business is shutting down, make sure your voicemail message and website mention closing date info and emergency contact details. Also, who will be responding to work related emails?


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