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Cambridge Vets Services

Cambridge Vets Services has been helping Cambridge animals since 1944. The original business was created as a 'Club', whereby farmers paid a small fee to become members, with benefits coming back to them in terms of cheaper fees. In the intervening years they have progressed to become a 24 vet practice, with vets concentrating on either production animals, equine, or companion animals. The Club system remains in effect for their farming clients.

Along with this expansion, their services and products have increased exponentially. In 2007 the equine team moved into a purpose built modern facility in Racecourse Road, opposite the training track. In early 2016, their companion animal staff, and production animal team will relocate to a fantastic new building. This is centrally located on the corner of Alpha Street and Empire Street, Cambridge. They offer state of the art technology, knowledge and passion for their patients and clients. To find out more, give them a call at 827 7099.


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