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Turn on the Charm

Business Forward Issue 75

It is one thing to have good leadership skills, but charisma is something else. To be compelling enough to inspire employees and those around you requires awareness and skill. There are small but meaningful steps you can take. By doing so, you are likely to improve the attitude of your employees and those you come in contact with and, most importantly, yourself.

Be aware of any chip on your shoulder. No one likes attitude. Perhaps you don't feel you've got a bad attitude to begin with but be aware of how you come across to others. Are you warm and approachable or short and abrupt? People respond to kindness, and aim to treat your team with a high level of respect. Be open. Make yourself human. Talk about your family or friends, joke about your pets and create an atmosphere where people enjoy being in your company.

Connect with people by learning about others and ask questions. You may enjoy this. It can be as small as asking colleagues or employees about their hobbies while making a morning cup of coffee, or as big as approaching strangers at networking events. People love to talk about themselves and feel you're interested. At the same time, they'll respond to you.

Dress for success every day. If you come to the office wearing your jandals and an oversized T-shirt, your charisma levels plummet. Promote a level of pride in your appearance and instil this in your employees. Looking the part will also help you play the part. Get into your charismatic character first thing in the morning, select your attire accordingly and see how this affects your attitude. Then watch how it affects the attitudes of your team and those you meet with throughout the day.

Think outside the box. Try and organise team events that step away from the norm such as cooking competitions or car rallies. With a bit of ingenuity, you will emit charisma and at the same time inspire and motivate your team.

Most importantly, positivity is key. Portray an optimistic outlook and your team will reflect this. They will enjoy being in your company and coming to work. It will have a positive outcome, boosting team morale and productivity, as well as employee retention and loyalty.


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