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Take A Breath

One of the pitfalls many business owners face is getting caught up in doing everything IN the business and not spending any time ON it. It falls further and further down the list, so tasks pile up which could - if tackled - help the business grow. This, in turn, creates a great deal of stress.

As a business owner, you may believe that by doing everything yourself you'll get things done the way you like, but in truth, you can be flat out working and not doing much else in the way of growing or developing.

Learn to delegate tasks and trust employees with responsibility. This allows you the extra time needed to run your business rather than running around like a headless chicken

Plan and prioritise your workload. You'll quickly see what's most important and whether any of these tasks can be divvied out or set aside to another day when you have more time up your sleeve. By writing things down and making lists, you'll be more organised, focused and aware of what state each section of your business is in

Look after your best asset: you. It's hard to try and be everything to everybody, so step back and take a breather to ensure you can return to your duties at maximum capacity. Look at ways to de-stress on a regular basis, whether it's setting aside time to exercise, go for a surf or get away for a weekend with friends and family

As the face of your own business, you need to be seen as the driver. Take the wheel and steer your team by learning simple ways to work on your business rather than in it. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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