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Marketing Toolkit

Stuck for ideas? Think about different ways to market your business.

Host an event

This could be a fundraiser, charity event or quiz night. It's a great way to raise your profile. Events can focus attention on you and your brand, giving you more exposure where needed. You can also target your audience more specifically by selecting the people you invite. The bonus is, they can't simply delete you as they would an email. Make the most of having the audience focus on you and your business. Events can be fun to plan. Think about your business and what sort of event might complement you and your target market and go from there.


Organisations such as your local Chamber of Commerce havenetworking committees that meet frequently. Contact them to find out whether you need to be a member of the Chamberto attend the events and if so, what the membership fees are. However, many of these events will notrequire you to be a member for you to attend.Before you go, take these key simple steps:
Make sure you know what the event is for. It's good to be able to contribute to theconversation
Stock up on business cards and keep them handy. They're one of the easiest ways to buildbrand recognition for your business
Don't gravitate to people you already know. The key to networking is to grow yournetwork!

Local Newspaper

Many communities run freepapers keen to do feature pieces free of charge though there are also many paidadvertising options available. Thisisn't to say you should run a black and white ad in the classifiedsection. Enquire about one to two pagefeatures and specials that the publication might be running or space they areselling at the last minute. You mightfind the sales team is eager to bring fresh sales across the line and you'll besurprised at the response you receive from locals who have seen your businessin the paper.


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