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Skye Blue Kitchens

Do you have a gluten-free household? You don't have to compromise on taste or convenience anymore!

Skye Blue Kitchens, established by Irene Fitz-John, is a new local business that has made life so much easier for those with Coeliac disease, by creating convenient and delicious gluten free baking mixes which are so easy to use!

I am originally from Scotland but our family have lived in Cambridge for the last 21 years. My father had Coeliac disease, then about three years ago our son was diagnosed with the condition. I soon started to experiment with gluten free baking and being a keen baker, it was important to me not to compromise on flavour. Before long the four main baking mix bags were developed. I also wanted to keep links to my Scottish heritage. The Isle of Skye was one of my father's favourite places and in memory of him Skye Blue Kitchens got its name.

The mixes are versatile. Recipes are extremely adaptable to meet your needs and taste by allowing you to make them dairy free as well as controlling the amount of added refined sugar. Some recipes can also be adapted for Vegan. These can all be found on the website, www.skyebluekitchens.co.nz. There you'll learn just how far the baking mix bags can go, such as using the Carrot Cake mix for a spiced loaf or xmas cake, the Choc Chip cookie mix or the Scroggin Munchies mix for muffins, cakes, and slices. The Baking Bag Mix is where you can have fun experimenting – the possibilities seem endless with options such as, donuts, slices, cookies, brownies, along with savoury options like a delicious crostini – perfect to serve with a tasty dip or cheese over a glass of wine!

Our mixes are available to buy at Over the Moon Deli, Victoria Street, Cambridge. So now you really don't have to give up on taste or convenience in a gluten-free household. Check us out on Facebook or visit the website for the wide range of delicious options just waiting to be tried!


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