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Business Advisory Update

IRD Business Transformation

Inland Revenue's business transformation is an end-to-end business change to bring New Zealand's tax administration into the modern world. Transformation is far more than updating a computer system - it will re-shape the way Inland Revenue works with customers, including improvements to policy and legislative settings.

The transformation has three primary aims:

•Grow voluntary compliance by making it easier for people to get it right
•Reduce compliance costs
•Make Government policy changes faster and more cost effective.

New Zealand's future revenue system will be digitally-based, highly automated, and designed to fit seamlessly into people's lives. Simple, certain and open customer-centred services will make it easy for people to get tax right, but difficult to get it wrong. Businesses should spend less time on tax and more time on running their business, supporting Government's wider goal of building a more competitive economy. Increasing integration and delivery with private and public business partners is a key feature.

Changes will be introduced incrementally from 2017. While we transform, we will run two systems in parallel so that core services continue to be delivered, minimising risk and disruption to New Zealanders.

For more information head to: http://www.ird.govt.nz/transformation/about-business-transformation/about-business-transformation-index.html


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