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Cambridge Disabled Sheltered Workshop - Achievement House

Since September of 1976 Achievement House has been offering employment opportunities to local people with a disability. We operate through partial funding by the Ministry of Social Development under a Business Enterprise contract and then we need to raise the shortfall through other means. Some of this we make up through making applications to philanthropic trusts, which we can do because of our Charity status. However most of our added income is derived from the sheer hard work of our staff in fulfilling the contracts we have with various businesses throughout the greater Waikato region. This contract work is mainly the assembly, labelling and packaging of a wide range of lightweight products for various industries.

We have a Manager and four Supervisory staff who oversee 26 Shop Floor Staff and another eleven people who attend to extend their community connections and participation.

October 2016 saw Stan Briggs stand down from Manager. For twenty six years Stan guided Achievement House steadily through the times of great change which saw most Sheltered Workshops close doors but he insisted on keeping Achievement House true to its core purpose. Stan has been replaced by Neil Fynn who is tasked with taking Achievement House forward and ensuring it continues providing stable employment and support to local people with a disability.

13 Wilson Street, Cambridge 07 827 7441


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