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Xero Tip

Email PDF bills into your Xero Organisation

How it Works

  • Forward PDF bills to your organisation's unique Xero Bills email address. The PDF needs to be an email attachment, not an image in the body of the email.
  • A draft bill is automatically created in Xero when the PDF is received.
  • The PDF will open up side by side to the draft bill so you can easily enter the bill details.
  • Xero automatically attaches the PDF to the bill.

Find your Xero Bills email address

  • Your unique Xero Bills email address can be found on any status tab in the Purchases screen.
  • In the Accounts menu, select Purchases.
  • Select any status tab.
  • Your Xero Bills email address is at the top of the screen.

Image of your Xero Bills email address at the top of the screen.

  • Copy this address and save it as a contact in your email address book.

Create a bill using Email to Bills

  • Once you've copied and saved your Xero Bills email address, forward PDF bills you receive from your suppliers directly into your Xero organisation to create draft bills.
  • Forward the PDF to your Xero Bills email address.
  • Log into your Xero organisation.
  • In the Accounts menu, select Purchases.
  • Select the Draft tab.
  • Select the bill you want to create. Auto-generated bills are labelled forwarded bill.

Image of an auto-generated bill labelled 'forwarded bill'.

  • Enter the relevant data for the bill.
  • Click Save or Approve.


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