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Public Holiday - Labour Day

The Public Holiday of Labour Day is upon us this month. This year (2018) it is observed on Monday the 22nd October.

If your staff work on the day and that day would be a normal day of work, then in addition to payment for the hours at 'time and a half, the staff are also entitled to an alternative holiday (day in lieu), which when taken should be paid at the Employee's relevant daily pay. 
If the Employee does not work on a Public Holiday and the Employee was not due to work that day, then the Employee is not entitled to any payment for that day and is not entitled to an alternative holiday.

An Employer may require an Employee to work on a Public Holiday only if that Public Holiday falls on a day that would normally be a working day for that Employee AND if that has been a term agreed to under their employment agreement.
If you have any questions please get in contact with our Payroll Team Manager, Anne Bland

07 827 5192 Ext.831


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