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Create Video

CreateVideo is a Production Agency - we Create and Produce Video and Animated Content for TV, WEB and Social Media.

We also Capture Video and Create Animation for Events like Award Shows, Conferences, Expos, Trade Shows etc.

Our point of difference is everything is done in-house and our team based around NZ all work from home. 

What this means to the Client is a one-stop-shop across the country at a significantly lower rate than our competitors. 

Our standards are high and we can list many of the NZ top 500 among our customers.

Actual Content can be in the form of: Training Videos of all kinds, Explainer or 'how-to' Videos, Promotional Videos for FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Documentary, TV Ads, Short Films,etc.

Our HQ is in Waipa and we offer an across the board 25% discount to all Waipa Residents.

In essence, if its seen on a screen, we're the team!  

Visit the website www.createvideo.nz


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