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End of Financial Year Tips

With the end of financial year fast approaching for most businesses, we encourage you to spend a few minutes reading our tips to make the most of your end of financial year and make sure you have got your best business foot going forward. 

  • Ensure that your business is keeping proper records
  • All records must be in English and kept for at least 7 years
  • Some examples of the types of records that must be kept are:
    • bank statements, all income received, wage records for any employees, interest and dividend payments, a list of business assets and liabilities, all tax invoices and receipts for purchases and motor vehicle log books.
  • Tax Invoices - make sure you have them all
  • For amounts in excess of $1000 (GST inclusive) make sure all the details are on the tax invoice
  • For amounts between $50 and $1000 (GST inclusive) you need the same details with the exception of the purchasers details
  • For amounts under $50 (GST inclusive) you don't need to have a GST invoice but you must retain details.
  • Proper GST information when buying from a non-registered person
  • Send electronic key supporting documents such as:Donation receipts, Dividends statements, RWT cert, bank/loan,/HP etc  balances at EOY, shares, asset invoices (over $500) , ACC invoices, insurance breakdowns, legal invoices.


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