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Helping to make your workplace safer with a subsidy to purchase crush protection devices (CPDs)

Every year quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury in rural workplaces with many incidents associated with accidental rollovers.

On average each year five people die, and ACC receives over 1,000 claims for work-related quad bikes accidents, costing $12 million.

A new policy clarification from WorkSafe was issued in June 2019, strongly recommending that CPDs are installed on all quad bikes used for work. ACC has collaborated with WorkSafe to design a workplace injury prevention subsidy to help rural business buy CPDs.

CPDs can help reduce the risk of injury or death to you or your staff when they’re riding a quad bike. A CPD can be fitted to a quad bike to provide a survivable space should a rider be pinned underneath it.

ACC will help you to have a healthier and safer workplace by contributing $180 per CPD with a maximum of two CPD purchases per business (including self-employed).

For more information about this offer, please view this flyer or visit acc.co.nz/cpd-subsidy


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