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Xero Assistance Programme

We all experience tough times in life but the good news is getting help is now easy. We’ve been invited by Xero to a free and 100% confidential support programme offering face-to-face, live chat, online and telephone counselling. Help is available for anything from work, financial or family challenges to depression, drug and alcohol or social problems. No issue is too big or small. If you have a Starter, Standard or Premium Xero subscription then contact xap@xero.com to find out more and how you can get access to this great initiative.

Please know that it’s OK to not always be OK, and that your health and wellbeing is really important. If you or any of your family need help, please use this service.

This service is a pilot and will run til October 2020 – don’t let the timeline delay you. If this is something you think you need or are interested in then I encourage you to take action today!


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