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Xero for farming

Great farms need great teams

The best farmers surround themselves 
with experts and make use of 
technology to lighten the workload. 
And that’s why Xero, Figured and 
PaySauce have come together to form 
the definitive agricultural financial
management partnership.

At its core, Xero provides all the tools 
you need to take care of the numbers, 
from streamlining data capture 
and entry, and automated bank 
reconciliations, to invoicing, expenses, 
bill management and more. 

Figured is the only farm-specific
software that allows the whole 
farming team to collaborate around 
the same data, in real-time, from 
wherever they are working.  
Figured enables long-term scenario 
planning and provides a powerful 
platform for detailed financial
planning and management - allowing 
the governance team to make 
informed decisions. 

PaySauce provides farmers and 
advisors with a shared overview of 
what’s happening with staff on the 
farm. Timesheet data is captured with 
greater speed and accuracy, boosting 
compliance and clarifying labour 
costs while cutting manual tasks and 
mitigating costly mistakes.

Using Xero, Figured and PaySauce, farmers have access to the tools they need to 
better manage the farm and can:
• keep numbers up to date and stay connected to their advisors easily 
• track financial impact of production and create and share financial reports with 
all of the farm’s stakeholders 
• keep the whole farming team connected via the cloud
• use scenario tools to plan ahead, budget and forecast efficiently
• automate payroll compliance
• satisfy HR and regulatory requirements
• help create a sustainable, profitable business

Words extracted from the Xero for Farming Partners Guide - talk to us today if you want to learn more.


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