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Xero on Air

From 14-17 September Xero is bringing us "Xero on Air". This is their great new way of sharing information and connecting with the Xero community around the world. To educate and inspire you, Xero on Air is bringing bite sized video episodes with a range of content and special guest speakers, one of them being Steve Vamos the Chief Executive Officer of Xero. 

Anyone can register and the episodes are free to watch anywhere, anytime so if you are interested or want to know more click here!

Xero tip: Inbuilt Calculator

Save time with Xero's inbuilt calculator!

Xero's inbuilt calculator allows you to calculate amounts as you create transactions.

The calculator is available in the Quantity, Unit Price and Disc % fields and also in the Debit and Credit fields in the manual journals.

To use the calculator, enter your equation in the field you want the total, then press tab or enter.

The functions you can use are:

- Add +
- Subtract -
- Multiply *
- Divide /
- Group ()


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