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Featured Partner: Sparkhouse NZ

Today’s workplaces are dynamic and challenging, with people experiencing constant change, heightened expectations, demanding workloads along with increased compliance and policy requirements. All this, while often working in open plan offices with multiple distractions, interruptions and overflowing inboxes. It is little wonder so many employers and employees alike, feel stressed, overwhelmed, out of control and struggling to find the work/life balance so critical to happiness and well-being.

At Sparkhouse we help individuals and teams to understand how they can take back control, to manage stress and prioritise self-care. Our tailored workshops use the fundamentals of mindfulness to raise personal awareness and then offer tools and techniques to enhance their productivity, resilience and well-being. We not only look at the practical elements but also at the core human elements of thought, behaviour and emotions to self-empower individuals and build cohesive teams. 

To find out more about training workshops, off-site presentations or personal coaching; visit www.sparkhouse.nz or phone Rachel on 022 350 3908. 


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