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Cyber Security - scam and phishing emails

It is Cyber Security Week this week so lets touch on scam and phishing emails. 

We know at times it can be hard to spot the emails but if you are ever unsure if your email is legit follow the links below for some guidance.

  • How to spot IRD and Xero scams.
    The links below explain what to look out for and show you what the latest scam emails look like for IRD and Xero. If you are worried you have received one, some of the key things to look out for are:
    - Incorrect email addresses and links. Hover over a link and check to see if it is a true email or website before clicking. 
    - Unusual wording, greetings and subject lines.
    - Dollar amounts. IRD never put refund amounts in emails.

  • Two step authentication for Xero
    If you are an existing Xero user and are worried about phishing emails and scams we highly recommend you enable Xero's two step authentication on your Xero file. The link below explains what, why and how to set this system up on your phone or computer. 

If you have any questions or are worried you are receiving phishing emails click here or phone or emails us today - we are always here to help!


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