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Featured Partner: Cambridge Lifeskills

Cambridge Lifeskills is delighted to be the featured partner in this month’s newsletter. We are so grateful for the support our organisation receives from Accounted4, who believe in our cause and the work that we do in the Cambridge community.

Cambridge Lifeskills is a Not For Profit agency offering free counselling for children and young people between the ages of 5 to 15 who attend a public school in the Cambridge district. Since the service began in 1992 there has been a steady increase in the need for such a service in the community.

Changes in society, particularly in recent times, have meant many children are now exposed to an increasing range of issues, including, anxiety, bullying, abuse, and family issues. Children often do not have the skills to deal with these issues. Cambridge Lifeskills provides counselling, support and encouragement so that children/young people are able to work through these issues.

Cambridge Lifeskills is indeed fortunate that, increasingly, our local community is assisting our work through support in a number of ways. Our greatest challenge continues to be accessing revenue to pay our counsellors and keep our organisation operating optimally for our children. 

As part of our journey towards financial sustainability, Cambridge Lifeskills has introduced the Club 83, an initiative where businesses or individuals can donate $83 a month, for 12 months (or longer) – around the cost of a cup of coffee a day – to support the service. This adds up to $1,000 every year, and it’s 100% tax deductible, as we are registered as a charitable trust. 

It’s locals getting behind locals -  $83 a month does make a huge difference to Cambridge’s young people and all Club 83 donations are used directly to fund counselling sessions.

If you would like to get behind Cambridge Lifeskills you can either:
- Phone Sandy on 021 190 1760  or donate direct into ANZ Bank: 06-0301-02298020-00 with your name or business name as a reference.

Last year we provided counselling to over 200 students and their families, with an average of 10 counselling sessions per student.  We currently have 7 Counsellors and 1 Child Centered Play Therapist employed, who between them see 60 students every week in Cambridge from the 13 schools we provide for.  There is definitely a need and we are committed to our mission, which is to provide early intervention both in the age and issues to Cambridge families, so issues don’t compound and escalate. 

The Cambridge Lifeskills logo quotes “Joining Hands to Change our Children’s Future.” We would love you to help us do this.


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