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Featured Client - Treadlite NZ Ltd

Good for your horse and great for the planet!

Treadlite NZ offer a premium, sustainable equestrian arena mix that is proudly made right here in New Zealand from recycled rubber.

Treadlite use end of life tyres, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill or illegally dumped or burned. These tyres go through a triple-treated refinery process to produce a material designed for horse arenas that is 99.9% metal free. To develop this product, Treadlite has worked alongside professional equestrian riders to test and refine. They are proud to see their product throughout competition equestrian centre's and private horse arenas in New Zealand. The Treadlite team are continuing to design and develop. They have recently designed and purchased 2 more shredding machines that will be in the country in the next couple of months – these machines will take their capability up to 6000 tyres per day and will make new products that will be going into roading and artificial sports fields – a really exciting move for the team!

Here's why you SHOULD use Treadlite's premium horse arena mix:

  • The mix is sustainable and has a huge positive impact on the environment.
  • Less wear and tear on your horses hooves.
  • Better impact absorption for your horses joints.
  • Better surface for jumping.
  • Reduces light reflection off arena surfaces.
  • Maintains a more even spread than traditional arena surfaces.
  • Less dust which means less respiratory issues.
  • Minimal up keep after rainfall.
  • Suitable for any base and can be mixed with sand.

To find out more or get in contact with this great company check out their website here.


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