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A4 Sustainability Updates

Plastic free July

For the month of July each and every one of us made a conscious effort around the office and our homes to reduce plastic and other waste where we could. From using reusable containers for our takeaway sushi and our keep cups for takeaway coffee, as well as other small things that make a big impact, like reducing plastic wrapping. 

We also held an informative "bin audit" so everyone could see what goes in our bin. It was a fantastic reminder of what can go in the compost, recycling, soft plastics and what is just waste.  

We are proud to say, as an office of 33 people with a 35L tea room bin, we are lucky if we fill it up once a week! How awesome is that!!

A4 Sustainability Winners

To keep our sustainability journey alive we decided to congratulate the team members who are making conscious changes. Each month our team have the opportunity to nominate anyone who they see are doing a good sustainable deed. At our team meeting the monthly champions are congratulated with a sustainable gift for their awesome efforts!

Our winners for the previous months are:
-  Grant for repurposing scrap metal and used paper in the office.
-  Lisa for being conscious of what can be shredded and setting up a soft plastics bag in reception.
-  Gen for pushing electronic processes and battery recycling.
-  Carolyn for being our top sustainable champ and for suggesting our paper towels go into a worm farm. 
-  Anne for biking to work.
-  Steff for finding a new home for our shredded paper.
-  Ben and Armando for looking after our compost.
-  David for looking after the recycling and soft plastics.
-  Alex and Ruby for being amazing A4 sustainability champions and for keeping the message alive around the office. 

Cambridge Business Chamber Plastic Free July Competition

We are thrilled to announce that we are the winners of the Cambridge Business Chamber Plastic Free July photo competition! 

We shared our bin audit photos and back story, which allowed us to win a new recycling bin station for our tea room! 

Check out the Cambridge Business Chamber's blog here.


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