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Your GST return is due on the 28th

Your GST return is due soon.

You need to file your GST return at the end of every taxable period (this may be monthly, 2 monthly or 6 monthly depending on the frequency you have chosen for your business - you can check this with us).
We can help you file your return and pay by the due date to avoid late penalties.

Have you got your paperwork in order? - You’ll need to calculate the following to work out your return:

  • Total sales and income for the taxable period
  • Total purchases and expenses for the taxable period
  • Any GST adjustments for the taxable period

Make sure you keep your receipt from Inland Revenue with the rest of your tax records and make any payments by the due date.

Remember: Simplify GST by keeping a record of your business income and expenses as you go.

Give us a call. We can help you with your tax obligations.


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