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Rules for NZ businesses at different alert levels

Although we have been here before, it can be hard to remember the rules on operating businesses at the different Alert levels. 

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s website has a useful guidance table for businesses at Alert level 2, 3 and 4. Familiarise yourself with the rules now, so that you can be ready with a plan for each change in Alert Level. Visit the MBIE site here.

While Alert evel 4 lockdown has prevented most businesses from operating, at Alert level 3 more businesses may open but with restrictions.

For more information on operating your business at Level 3 visit the COVID-19 website

Talk to us, we are here to help

If you are struggling to meet compliance obligations due to Covid 19, there are options.

We can give you guidance on support schemes, assist with planning and we can talk to the IRD on your behalf.

Talk to us early so we can help you plan.


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