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Mostly Vegan

Hi I'm Elly, the owner and face of Mostly Vegan. After going vegan in 2017 I quickly realised it was too tricky to find things here in the Waikato! Mostly Vegan has quickly become so much more than I could have hoped for. It’s your one stop shop for all things vegan and eco-friendly! Located in Hamilton East and delivering New Zealand wide. We offer alternatives for everything from cheese to toothpaste. Covering vegan, gluten free, keto and more! Click here to check out Mostly Vegan or shop online now!

Set Your Sites

As a small business owner, I knew getting online was important but the thought of paying thousands to hand the reins over to someone else was terrifying. After teaching myself everything I need to know, I’ve realised this is now a problem I can solve for others. Websites done without the scary price tag, no surprises, and no money traps. You’ll be provided with all the info you need to maintain or make small changes on your own website! Click here to check out Set Your Sites!


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