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5 Ideas for Spring Self-Care

As the year starts to slip away from us and stress levels begin to rise, it is a great time to think about our mental health and what we could do to prioritise self-care. Keep reading to find out about 5 ideas for spring self-care that we think could be beneficial to our everyday lives:

1. Mindfulness - a simple but effective way to relax. It is about being in the present moment, about being aware of how you are feeling and figuring out how to unwind. Mindful meditation is a fast and easy way to increase ones resilience to stress. It may also improve concentration and is a practice you can do anywhere, anytime.

2. Sleep - Having a sleep routine is vital for our bodies systems and hormones. Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Here are 5 ways to a better sleep:

  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine - whether that be sipping a herbal tea, avoiding electronic devices an hour before bedtime, meditating or having a relaxing bath. These are all ways to allow your body to start to wind down.
  •  'Worry time' - set aside 10 or so minutes to write down or talk through all of your thoughts with a loved one so you can go to bed with a clear head.
  • Keep a notepad nearby - when thoughts pop into your head jot them down and come back to them in the morning.
  • Distract yourself - if you find yourself overthinking going to sleep, try to distract your mind by counting backwards or try meditation, white noise or reading a book. 
  • Change your surroundings - if all else fails try getting up and going for a walk or try some gentle stretching, a herbal tea or even a hot shower. 

3. Working from home - As working from home is the new "normal" for a lot of us make sure your workspace is somewhere tidy, organised and with natural light if possible. Working in messy disorganised workplaces can affect the brains ability to focus. 

4. Your future self - filling your cup up now can benefit you in the future. Put time aside during each day for activities you know are going to lift you up and make you feel happy and fulfilled.

5. Exercise - we are lucky enough to be blessed with warmer weather and lighter evenings now which make it all that much easier to add a little exercise to your day. Create an exercise schedule or compete with a fellow colleague or friend. 30 minutes a day is all you need, whether that may be going for a walk in nature or doing an online yoga workout, make it fun! After all you will only thank yourself after. 

Caring for ourselves is a key element to happiness and we all deserve happiness so give some of these spring self-care ideas a go!


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